project title: 'un-public' tenders.

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Introduction project(s): work and public tenders. (Aug 2014).
Introduction: Real world example, (one): Tender released by a 'local authority' Fife Council. A legal basis for the work arises national, and in a (Scottish) Parliamentary Act ([for] Scotland):
Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013.
The contracting authority (CA) in this event is Fife Council:
Demand buying of an insurance policy to access public work (provide training w.r.t. Self-directed Support). CA (Fife Council) state Fife Council's Risk Management Service have mandated and made statutory the need for the insurance policy.
The public body CA (contracting authority) is this event is Aberdeen University.
CA admin conflating 'professional' and 'commercial'. Aberdeen University are also necessiting a type of insurance policy is bought, their claim extends to it being a Standard.
The contracting authority (CA) is this event is Dundee University:
The tender released was minor mechanical and electrical consutancy. A type of insurance policy claimed necessy (and required) and the CA selling other companies goods as the T&Cs.
The contracting authority (CA) in the event is Catapult Offshore Renewable Energy:
This CA's public tender (PQQ stage, effectively a pass/fail gatekeeper) released deals with things like photos, and merchandise and P.R. etc. The PQQ requires and pass/fails on being willing to buy/or have a certain type of insurance policy.
other: published on PreviseCritical.Info on 23 April 2014 (a wednesday). Un-Public tenders. Economies in the EU, including Scotland and the UK.
In May 2014 a CA (Fife Council's) Finance and Resources Directorate (their Risk mgmt resides in this). Released a tender award liability and miscellaneous insurance(s).
Cost/paid £886,000. Inclg (trying to cover) for 'All Risks'. The leader of this Directorate gets is paid about £100,000/annum (enough to buy a house each year s/he works).
We challenged Fife Council in May-June 2014. So the Authority (CA) undetered or keen to block-off further work and money for themselves (and/or insurance bods) released another tender (July 2014) and stating:
i) "The Council has a dedicated Risk Management Section within the Finance and Resources Directorate"..."The section also assists the Council to develop, implement and promote its Risk Management Strategy."
The Contract Authority (CA) Fife Council, continued on-and-on down this (strategic?) path: ii)
"Insurance – Broking, Risk Financing, analysis and advice. Risk Management - Advice. Vetting of Contractors’/Sub – Contractors’ Insurance’s."
Since an above, one CA countermoved, but didn't remove the contraint. Many CAs are skilled at empty gestures (regrds work). In 2013 we did Previse Critical at an offshore event (an event a Crown Estate rep. was also present at):
We challenged monopolistic behaviours. Many nodded they were getting better at creating industry. This tender/CA is also meant to be in risk management. Also meant to be buying 'public affairs' for government(s).
Another CA may have countermoved but we need to check somethings. If, it could be a sign of collaborators; collaborations acting across distinct CAs:
I.O.W. information sharing when they should be in isolated tender processes and to show aspects of their positive attributes whilst ensuring overall that the industry/area maintains its monopolistic behaviours to work.
The contracting authority (CA) in this event is Zero Waste Scotland Limited:
They claim to be a 'not-for-profit private company' eg demand'g having/buying certain insurance policies 'to be considered' (for the work rgrds carbon mgmt support for eg. local authorities'), and are 'backed by fundg from Scottish Govmt'.
initial (rough) economic scales
Billions (one = 1 000 000 000) of euros or pounds. Initially range EU to 500 000 000 (1 million = 1 000 000) people. GDP/GNP measurements/units in doubt.
One potential root cause / guiding unpublic work (designed in) being issued by various public bodies:
Directive 2014/24/EU 26 February 2014
Public assets (general) and work supply designed to be constrained to a narrowed band. Economies: 1) proposition one, aimed widely at narrow work/assets to:
professionals,insurance companies,existing monied businesses,...
a project outcome/milestone:
(One) evidenced factor of monopolistic behaviour in action confirmed. The use of insurance selling indirectly by (various types of) public bodies as requirements/necessity/demands of the work. Leading to monopolistic constraint.
proposition two:
that various entities associated as/or with public bodies, employ monopolistic behaviours against 'new'. Prop' 3 will be, say/call it, 'pppp'.
caution: rem' we have/are not directing our approach at the public sector as a distinction from the private sector. Readers should already see that clear division is weakly grounded.
log: 06 Jan 2015 (05 Apr'15 correctn)
statistical manipulation ; potentially issuing confounding market actuality
note: 29 June 2015; reference our (e.g.) we can add the additional organizations apparently taking their tender documents work behind this 'unpublic' wall or engaged in promoting it:
"The Scottish Government", "Scotland Excel", "APUC", "Supplier Development Programme","Procurement Journey", and from ITT tender release checks recently and 29 June 2015 "University of Edinburgh".

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These are running projects and we work often with limited (often unsupplied) information. We may polish what is and is not. It is important not to focus on the entities we mention, and we can also add more. Unless we clarify,or you check with us, assume others are doing (contraining, for example, work in economies) in similar ways. We have previously used the phrase monopolistic behaviours are operating in our economies.