part of project/refs : upt 'un-public' tenders / public procurement.

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initial (rough) economic scales
Billions (one = 1 000 000 000) of euros or pounds. Initially range EU to 500 000 000 (1 million = 1 000 000) people. GDP/GNP measurements/units in doubt.
One potential root cause / guiding unpublic work (designed in) being issued by various public bodies:
Directive 2014/24/EU 26 February 2014
Public assets (general) and work supply designed to be constrained to a narrowed band. Economies: 1) proposition one, aimed widely at narrow work/assets to:
professionals,insurance companies,existing monied businesses,...
a project outcome/milestone:
(One) evidenced factor of monopolistic behaviour in action confirmed. The use of insurance selling indirectly by (various types of) public bodies as requirements/necessity/demands of the work. Leading to monopolistic constraint.
proposition two:
that various entities associated as/or with public bodies, employ monopolistic behaviours against 'new'. Prop' 3 will be, say/call it, 'pppp'.
caution: rem' we have/are not directing our approach at the public sector as a distinction from the private sector. Readers should already see that clear division is weakly grounded.
log: 06 Jan 2015 (05 Apr'15 correctn)
statistical manipulation ; potentially issuing confounding market actuality
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These are running projects and we work often with limited (often unsupplied) information. We may polish what is and is not. It is important not to focus on the entities we mention, and we can also add more. Unless we clarify,or you check with us, assume others are doing (contraining, for example, work in economies) in similar ways. We have previously used the phrase monopolistic behaviours are operating in our economies.

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